We sailed Saturday, Oct. 19, 1912, on the “Caronia,” from New York City. Just one person, Sister Lynch saw us off at the wharf. The vessel was a good sized one, and very steady. We made the trip in eight days, landing at Liverpool Oct. 27. A brother from Halifax met us at the wharf and brought us to his mother’s home, Sister Lydia Walshaw’s, Halifax, England, 60 miles from Liverpool. I had held meetings at this place when in England in 1910.

Here we remained one week, to rest up from the sea voyage. We had a house all to ourselves, where we could be alone and have our own family life again. This treat seemed very blessed, in a strange land, among strangers. A party of English saints welcomed us the evening we arrived, with music and songs of praise to God, at the house. It was very kind of them. I spoke three times at Emmaus Pentecostal Mission here. There was a very deep spirit in the meetings. God wonderfully blessed. They gave us ten shillings ($2.50). Brother Polhill sent me $10.00 from London.

A little incident happened just before we left the boat at Liverpool. We were waiting in the cabin for the call to go ashore, when my wife picked up a beautiful, shining, new two shilling piece, from under her chair on the floor. We accepted it as a token from the Lord to provide for our future needs in Europe. A little thing in itself, but it meant much to us as from Him.

We removed to Sunderland, Nov. 7, to a Faith Home, by the North Sea. The Home was conducted by two Sisters. Here we had a severe trial. Wife was taken very sick, and came near to death’s door. I had some little ministry among the workers, but altogether we did not stay longer than necessary for my wife to get able to move again. We enjoyed the North Sea breeze, and the Roker Sands, but found the climate pretty cold and damp for Californians. We missed the sunshine. We remained six weeks here, but on account of my wife’s health I was unable to get into meetings much, and could not leave the city. It proved rather a time for getting our new bearings. I spoke once for Pastor Alex. Boddy, and attended his meetings a few times.

From here we removed to Bolton, about twenty-five miles from Liverpool. There we rented rooms for the family, where they could do their own cooking, and thus have their own family life again, a thing much better than boarding, or being in a Home. In fact a home for one family is the only real home with a big H. We found it very rainy and cold in England. Especially in Lancashire, where we were now located. It seemed as though we hardly ever saw the sun at this time. It became dark at 4 P.M. and daylight at 8, A. M. We were not far from Manchester. Our home was called “The Hillock,” Lee Gate Lane, Bolton, England.

I spoke once in a little Pentecostal Mission in Bolton, and we had meeting every Sunday morning in the house where we were living. I went to Bro. Mogg’s Conference, in Manchester, for a few days. Here I spoke several times, with much blessing. Took a trip to Liverpool, and met a very earnest brother by the name of Mr. Breeze.

My next trip was to Scotland, stopping between trains on the way at the old English city of Carlisle. Had a good look at the old Castle there. I then ran on to Stirling, Scotland, where I took part in a Pentecostal Conference. Preached at two morning services. I was much helped of God. From there I went to Kilsyth, where I had been in 1910. Here I spoke three times in two days. God wonderfully blessed in the messages.

Bro. Murdoch, the leader, gave me $5.00. From there I went to E. Wemyss, where I spoke three times in two days, at a Convention. Received $5.00 here also. Next I came to Edinburg. I stopped at Sister Beruldsen’s, my stopping place in 1910 also. Spoke at their Mission in Leith one night. Bro. Polhill sent me a check here, for $34.00.

I then ran back to Stirling, stopping over one night and preaching at the Mission. God gave us a good time. Next day I started for home. Had a strong impression to get out of Scotland. I had wanted to go to Kilsyth again, but did not have the liberty. Before I reached England on the train a gale was blowing. It turned suddenly very cold. It began to snow in the middle of the night and by morning winter was on in earnest. We had had beautiful, mild weather up to this time in Scotland. They had twenty-three inches of snow before it stopped storming. Then I was glad I had left on time. I reached Bolton in the morning and found five inches of snow even there. That was pretty rough for Californians, but I was glad I had gotten home. We had not seen snow for nine years, to remain in it.

I preached in Bolton Mission again and then went to Halifax for a four days’ convention. We had three services a day and I preached at every service. God wonderfully blessed. Returned home again, and later took a trip farther south to Hereford. Here I had a wonderful time with Bro. Frank Hodges, and his band of Pentecostal saints. The Lord made it clear in this meeting that I was to remove with my family there. It would be much warmer in Hereford. Lancashire was very cold for us. I spoke six times at Hereford, with much blessing, before returning to Bolton.

We moved to Hereford, March 1. Had a beautiful little furnished home at No. 3 Cotterell street by ourselves. Thank God for home life in foreign parts. God had wonderfully supplied our needs up to date. A Brother Fisher from Hereford and myself took a trip to Llandrindod Wells, Wales. A meeting was going on at Penybond. Bros. Stephen and George Jeffries were the preachers. They were both kept away from the meetings Friday and Saturday evenings. Bro. Fisher and myself spoke in their place. God wonderfully blessed. I came home again to Hereford.

I went to Liverpool again to meet a Bro Longstreth from America. He was on his way to Africa, as a Missionary. Returning again I preached at the mission in Hereford for a week, every night. The Lord visited us in a wonderful way. This was the most spiritual place I had yet found in England.